Friday, 29 December 2017

2017 Favourites/// Top 10 Fashion Favourites of 2017.


Time to list some of my favourite fashions for 2017. 
I loved so many different elements and styles through the year and today I want to share some of my absolute favourites. 

So let's jump into it. 

1. Closet Clean-Up/// The best fashion decision I made in very early 2017 was to clean my closets properly and re-organise it thoroughly. It took some time and a lot of effort but it was so worth it!
It has made getting dressed super-duper easy. I hadn't re-organised my closet properly since 2012 and this overhaul was a long time coming!

2. Bangles/// I fell back in love with an armful of bangles. I dug out old favourites- like these wooden ones from Fabindia and paired them with my silver ones.

3. Pins/// 2017 was the year of pins. I bought pins and wore pins and I even stuck some pins in my bags and backpacks. It is such a wonderful way to add a little something special to an outfit. I am obsessed and I don't see my love for all things pins waning any time soon!
The pin above is from Accessorize and the two below are from Ali Express.

4. Comfy Keds/// I am all about the comfy shoes. I see no point in torturing myself for the sake of fashion. Flats and keds dominated my footwear choices and in 2017 I wore such gorgeous keds that I could run a marathon in (not that I want to!) and they looked so pretty! 
Both these keds are from Chumbak and I honestly couldn't recommend them enough! 

5. Totes/// Loved and used whimsy totes all year round. There is something so timeless and chic about totes. I always have a tote bag in my handbag if I need to carry groceries or even shopping back home. A beautiful way to say no to plastic bags! 

6. Afghan Jewellery/// A trend that I love wholeheartedly!
I looked far and wide and even on several Instagram shops but finally my sister picked up these delights from Delhi, M Block to be specific and they were a whole lot cheaper than so many other online options.
Seriously, look in your local markets or beg a Delhi dost to ship these to you instead of getting them online where they are obscenely marked up!

7. Backpacks and Mini-Backpacks/// 2017 for me was the year of the backpack! I fell in love and how. My inner 90s child was out to play. A few years ago when this trend started up, I was vehemently against it. Now, I've had humble pie and am proudly and happily part of the bandwagon.  I mean, backpacks are madly convenient. Who doesn't like being handsfree?! I know I do! 

Some of my absolutely favourite purchases this year were backpacks. 
I loved Sir Bearington above- he is from Forever 21.
And I loved my Little Sister backpack from The Burlap People. 

8. Boho Bags/// Specifically ones with gorgeous embroidery on them. I am an ardent lover of handicrafts and handlooms of India, incorporating them in our daily life makes me very happy. Whether in my home or my style, Indian motifs always make a presence.

This year I've added a lot of colour and boho-ness to my outfits!

Both these bags are from Udaipur!
I can't wait to go to Rajasthan and shop till I squeal!

9. Chunky Jewellery/// I much preferred chunky and statement jewellery of the ethnic and boho persuasion. Rings, cuffs and big pendants. I generally prefer bigger, bolder pieces over dainty jewellery in any case and 2017 was no different.

10. Mojris/// 2017 saw me add and find some super comfortable mojris to my life.
The ones above are from Dilli Haat and the beautiful pair below is from Fabindia!
I am currently ogling at some gorgeous mojri/jootie style shoes from The Fizzy Goblet!

There so many other things I loved in 2017..

Jhola bags 
Nose pins (the clip on variety) 

So much more. 

Style is a very important part of my life and a big part of who I am. 

I hope you enjoyed this post. 

Tell me what were some of your fashion favourites of the year?! 


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