Wednesday, 13 December 2017

Blogmas Day- 12 : My Christmas Tree!


My 2017 Christmas Tree is up!!!!! 
She is a beauty! 

The day my tree goes up is always a happy day. It makes all of us at home so happy. Seeing the lights, baubles and all of my plushie ornaments puts a smile on all our faces. 

Mr. Raccoon looking spiffy as always. 
Isn't he the cutest!? 
He and most of our plushie ornaments are from Accessorize from 5 years ago. 

Some desi ornaments adorn our tree as well, this horse was our new ornament last year, he is from Fabindia. 

We normally put a Santa on top of our Christmas tree but this year we've gone with a Star, a handmade Tassel and a Snowflake to be our tree toppers. 

I am so in love with our Santa lights that we got from Itsy-Bitsy last year. 
We normally put the red, blue and green lights on our tree but this year we wanted to do something a little bit different, so the Santa lights. I want to get some new fairy lights for the tree as well. I am thinking of getting some retro looking yellow lights. 

Once those lights are on I will share those pictures as well. 
I also have a tiny Christmas tree for my bedroom, which I will share later too! 

I know I am little too excited for Christmas, you don't need to tell me! 
I love Christmas and all it's trimmings! 


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