Thursday, 21 December 2017

Blogmas Day- 21 Jewellery Haul/// Boho Jewellery from Nnazaquat.


I recently listed some of my favourite Instagram shops on the blog and soon after than I came across a jewellery shop on Instagram called Nnazaquat Tribal Jewelry and I fell in love with their stuff. 

They have some beautiful boho baubles and they are priced so well and there is so much to choose from. 

Let's see the beauties shall we! 

First the earrings. 

Timeless classics. 
These are biggish but so light and utterly gorgeous. 

Temple style jewellery is always stunning. 
These Goddess Lakshmi earrings are so lovely. 
The stone is agate..I think. 

Another jhumka, this time with turquoise stones. 
So pretty, this is the kind of piece that goes well with both Indian and Indo-Western. 

Now on to the rings! 
Oh the rings! 
I went a little mad for their rings! 
They were for only ₹ 100!!! 

This is a pair of toe rings which are wayyyyyyy to big to be toe rings! But they do work as rings so I am not too mad! 


I am very happy with everything I got.
The jewellery is very well-made.
Incredibly well priced. 
The shipping was swift. 
The range of product is pretty big. 

I am absolutely going to go back for more! 


I highly recommend this shop! 


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