Wednesday, 13 December 2017

Blogmas Day- 13// Book Haul: Books of December 2017- Book Chor Haul.

For today's Blogmas post I want to do my favourite type of post!
Time for another book haul and this time it's a little bit unique. 
An haul of used books. 
A first time thing for me. 

I mean, I have bought old books before this. Blossom Book Store in Bangalore was a great place to find used books at great prices and there are all these shops in Fountain that have mountains of old books lined up for your perusal. And there used to be these two bookshops on M.G. Road in Bangalore that had had amazing books! 
I loved going there and wandering about and picking up some great reads. 

The thing is I am a bit of a suchi buri, which loosely translates to 'a bit of a neat freak' or 'a germaphobic'. 
I am all of these things. And proud. 
I have some issues with buying old books. Like I don't know where these books have I feel a little uneasy about buying them...but I am trying to be a little easy going. But I will be sticking to new books for most part! 

I will say that I did wipe down all of these books with sanitiser! 

It is nice to old/used books. It is definitely is a eco-friendly option and something I used to do a fair bit when I was younger.
Since moving back to Bombay in 2012, I've only new books and in general I only buy new books. But lately I kept seeing Book Chor pop up in my Instagram feed and I kept hearing that the books were in good condition and I also kept seeing the Used Books Section on Amazon. The deals are amazing and it was easier to find certain book on there. 

So one night, I spend sometime looking at Book Chor and I kept finding books I wanted and kept adding books to my cart! 
And Lo and Behold I have 12 books to share with you. 
Some of them are new but most of these are old. 

Let's jump into it shall we? 

Here are all the books I bought.


Thrush Green by Miss Read 
Storm in the Village by Miss Read 
Heft by Liz Moore 
Carry The One by Carol Anshaw 
Our Endless Days by Claire Fuller 
Prep by Curtis Sittenfeld 
The Killing Woods by Lucy Christopher 
The Shell Collector by Anthony Doerr 
Memoirs of a Teenage Amnesiac by Gabrielle Zevin 
Not if I see You First by Eric Windstorm 
Started for Ten by David Nicholls 
One by Sarah Crossan 

These two books by Miss Read were the books I went looking for the most. I have been hearing so many good things about these books and this writer that I had to give them a read. These are books are about daily life in an English village and it sounds incredibly charming. I am most excited to read these books!

A thriller that sounds very interesting. I might just read it in a few days.

I got this book for my sister because she really enjoyed All The Light We Cannot See by the same author. She is currently reading these short stories and is enjoying them quite a bit.

I absolutely adore Gabrielle Zevin's writing and had been looking for this book for ages. So glad I finally found it. I am reading it right now and loving it.

Another book that was on my radar for a long time was One. So happy to have it. Can't wait to read it soon!

A little handwritten note is always a good thing be! 

Review for Book Chor: 

-The books were in pretty good condition. 
-Some better than others but OK overall. 
-The prices are very good, the best part of the deal. 
-It did take around 10 days for the books to get to me...which while fairly long...was not a deal-breaker. 
-They have a pretty extensive collection. 
-But it does take a hot minute to browse the site. You have got to be patient and not rush it. You will need a fair amount of time to browse the site. 

Overall, this is a good budget book buying option that you should definitely check out. 

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