Sunday, 17 December 2017

Blogmas Day - 15 & 16: Life Lately ~ Books + Home Decor + Christmas Vibes + Flowers!

Life has been a little busy in the last two days and hence I skipped yesterday aka Day 15 of Blogmas! 
Instead of beating myself up too much about it, I've decided to let the little things go and just combine two days. 

For today's post I want to share what I've been up in the last two days! 


1. I finished reading The Memoirs of a Teenage Amnesiac by Gabrielle Zevin and I really enjoyed it. But I will say, Elsewhere and A.J. Fikry were way better. A full review will come soon. 

2. I have Christmassy-fied my house some more. I cannot tell you how happy this makes me! 

3. This newest Christmas corner in my house is made of up mostly broken and extra bits I had lying about. The new bottle brush tree though is a thing of delight. 

4. I've also been helping my Dad pack for his week long trip to Darjeeling! He is off a boys holiday with this four of his close friends! I am so happy for them but I wish I was going to. 

5. We found a suitcase full of my sister's old clothes, some from her college days and others from her first few years of working. They old and well-worn but still lovely; which means I have just inherited some new-to-me-clothes! Feels like Christmas has come early. 

6. As of this evening- 16.12.17- I have read 200 books and doubled my GoodReads Challenge!!! 
Yay me!! 
I know, trust me I do that reading is not about the numbers but in the beginning of 2017 I wanted to read more than I did last year and I am so happy that I've managed to do just that. 
200 is a nice solid number. 

7. The sunsets have become so mellow and it always takes me by surprise how early the sunsets are nowadays. 

8. I have taken to drinking Tea every night before bed. I brew myself and sometimes my sister and Ma cups of fragrant Masala Chai using my parents expensive tea. It's such a special treat and so cozy. 

9. Flowers are always a good idea! 

10. My plan for Sunday is to line up some posts and get my Top Books of 2017 posts rolling. 
I also need to take a ton of pictures. 
Sort out my end of year TBR. 

I hope you have had a good few days and are having a wonderful weekend. 


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