Friday, 8 December 2017

Blogmas Day- 8 : Weekend Watching and Reading Plans.

And Happy Friday!!! 

I had a chilled out day today. I started a new book on my Kindle called Yakshini by Neil D'Silva, it's a horror novel about a 13 year old girl living in a village in Maharashtra who is growing up too soon and showing signs of being something other than just an ordinary girl. I am only 30% in and I am quite enjoying it. 

I am hoping to finish this book by this weekend. I am so far breezing through it. 
How pulp fiction-esque is this cover?
It reminds me of the many books in this genre I saw at the Wheeler Book Stall at railway stations as a kid. I secretly always wanted to pick up one of these books but I think they were well out of my age group back then. 

I am also a little bit in The Bear and The Nightingale by Katherine Arden, this book is a darling mix of Russian fairy tales and folklore and myths. It has very deep winter vibes and is perfect for this season. 
I hopefully, want to read a fair bit of this book as well. 

When it comes to my watching plans I do have a few movies I've been meaning to watch for a while, on the top of that list is It. 
I have quite a history with this movie. 
I saw the mini-series when I was 8 yrs old. The movie started with it's iconic first scene and I thought it was a children's film! Boy was I wrong! 
But I kept on watching it and was scared out of my mind. 
I am terrified of it till date. 
But I am no longer 8 and it's high time I get over my silly fear and watch the movie. 
This weekend will be it. 
I am going to watch this movie and not be terrified. 

Another thing on my watching list is Mindhunter. This show has garnered some amazing reviews and a whole lot of buzz. It's about the formation of BAU/ Profilers in the FBI and how they started by interviewing various serial killers. It's supposed to be very good. I've seen only the first episode so far and I quite liked it. Having had studied Psychology and having an avid interest in profiling this show seems just the thing for me. Hopefully, I get to binge watch it this weekend. 

Other plans for this weekend include// 

Putting up my Christmas Tree.
Making Gajar ka halwa. 
Making Malpua. 
Going through my book journal and making my Top 10 Books of the Year list. 

I hope all of you have a fantastic weekend too! 


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