Friday, 2 February 2018

Friday Favourites: True Crime Podcasts We're Loving

Hello, hello!

We love all things true crime and true crime podcasts are one of our guilty pleasures! So, today, we'll be sharing three of our favourite true crime podcasts that we religiously listen to every week!

Let's get into it, shall we?

1. True Crime Garage 

Hosted by beer buddies Nic and the Captain, True Crime Garage offers a very comprehensive, well-structured and in-depth analysis into true crime and cold cases that have baffled the police.

I love their commentary, their banter and, of course, their in-depth look into cold cases. They also have a great sense of humour and keep things light in spite of the darkness of their subject matter.

I love their mix of cases- ones like Madeline McCann or Jon Benet Ramsey that are well known globally as well as some that are known only within the US or even within specific states within the US.

You can listen to their podcast via Stitcher (a podcast app available in the iTunes Store and on the Google Play Store)

2. Generation Why 

Generation Why is a podcast hosted by two friends- Aaron and Justin. They pick up a new case each week and discuss the background of the case as well as possible theories.  

I like their overview of the cases and also how they outline various theories. Their case coverage ranges from more recent cases to even much older cases from the early 1900s, 1950s etc.

You can listen to then via their website, Stitcher or even the iTunes Podcast app.

3. Casefile 

Casefile is a true crime podcast hosted by an Anonymous host with their cases researched and written by a variety of writers.

They have short, succinct episodes outlining the background of the case as well as exploring potential theories about what could have happened.

Casefile has a mix of open, cold cases as well as of cases that have been solved. The solved cases are presented in an interesting and engaging manner, so you don't get bored as a listener.

You can listen to Casefile via Stitcher, iTunes Podcast and their website.

Hope you enjoyed this quick summary/ review of our favourite true crime podcasts.

If you are a fellow true crime or even general podcast enthusiast, do share your favourites here in the comments or on my Instagram.

Have a great weekend!

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